I Jornada en Educació per a la Salut: aprenent en femení i en comunitat (2a. sessió)

Driving social change and improving health and wellbeing: an introduction to system resilience

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El proper 17 de maig es farà la segona sessió de la I Jornada en Educació per a la Salut  “Driving social change and improving health and wellbeing: an introduction to system resilience” impartida per Jennie Popay i Ana Porroche-Escudero, de la Lancaster University (Regne Unit).

A continuació us presentem aquest segon workshop:



The concept of resilience is typically presented as a property of individuals, communities, organizations or service sectors such as the health system. Resilience is understood to be the “capacity to endure, adapt and generate new ways of thinking and functioning” in the context of change, uncertainty or adversity. As evidence of the negative impacts of global recession on social and health inequalities accumulates, health policy attention has turned to the question of how the resilience of communities bearing the brunt of these inequalities can be enhanced. 

There are two dominant approaches to enhancing resilience in public health. At one end of the spectrum the focus is on self-empowerment and ‘do it yourself’ initiatives, enabling people to act for themselves. At the other end of the spectrum, problem solving is characterised by hierarchical decision-making where those at the top of the decision-making ladder determine the priorities. As a consequence, there is a growing call to focus on a systems resilience approach. 

In this workshop we will introduce the concept of systems resilience that emphasises releasing the capacities of all the actors, institutions, objects and processes within a neighbourhood system. Participants will reflect what a systems approach might offer to public health work aimed at promoting greater equity in health and wellbeing, individually and collectively. 

El workshop serà en anglès.

La Jornada està finançada per Vicerectorat de Cultura i Extensió Universitària.